Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dedicated to the One I Love

My dear husband or "DH" as they say in the message board world turned 33 this past Friday, so I thought I should write a short post all about how much I love love love him.  So here's 7QT all about Andrew.

1)  There's just something about Andrew.  I have seriously never ever met anyone with as many quirks as he has.  Whether it's his passionate stance on the metric system, how he can talk your ear off about local government, or the fact that he hasn't had meat (other than your random wild-caught animal) for over 10 years... he's just a little cuckoo.  Of course, none of those facts do justice to just how strange he really is.  But if you've met him, you totally know what I mean.

2)  That dude LOVES his kids.  Sometimes I see him smile at one of the kiddos in a way that only a Dad can smile.  Even when they're being crazy hooligans, he just gets this grin on his face that shows how much he digs the little people that they are.  I love how much he loves them.  And I especially love that he's helping them be at least slightly strange just like he is.

3)  Though he isn't the most romantic fellow in the world, he has given me a few trinkets of memory throughout the past 8 years that make me swoon.  Like when he showed up at my house on our first date with a pink rose in hand.  Pink because white means friendship and red means love... so pink was a mixture of that.  Or when he lay next to me on the big grass covered hill behind my parents house and told me that someday we could get married in the little Church that my mom, grandma and great grandma all got married in.

4)  His faith.  I love how he'll take the two littles to daily Mass on Fridays.  And how he makes sure we don't shop on Sundays because everyone needs a day of rest.  And how he'll pray over me if I ask him to... especially when I'm pregnant.

5)  His knowledge about politics.  He was the man who finally made me wake up a little bit a pay attention to our government.  He has taught me so many things about how some of our "pro-life" politicians are not doing very pro-life things, and how people really need to educate themselves before they vote along with write letters and make their voices heard.  And he does all of that... and that's cool.

6)  His heart.  While he doesn't really have the gift of empathy, I think my social working husband really does feel for the people he helps every day.  But he also wants to call them up to something greater.  He does such a great job when he works with nutty teens, because he knows they can and expects them to make better choices.  I think this is also part of what makes him a great dad.

7)  Everything else.  There are days when everything about him drives me absolutely to the nut house but I can't help but still think he's one of the greatest things God ever put on earth.  And I know he's the greatest thing for me and our family.  He makes me laugh constantly... sometimes with him, sometimes at him, sometimes at myself... but always laughing.  Never a dull moment.

Andrew, happy happy happy 33rd birthday.  I love you.

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