Friday, December 27, 2013

7QT - December Style

Note to Kristi:  You get a magnificent FAIL for blogging this year.  That being said, here are my seven quick takes of December.

1) I totally turned 33 a week ago.  Am I the only adult who LOVES birthdays?  We had nothing major planned, I wasn't expecting any sort of fabulous gift, and I know that "33" isn't a milestone at all.  But I still LOVE my birthday.  I have no problem being in my 30's or telling people how old I am. I totally don't get the whole "not revealing my real age" thing because each year means more knowledge and less bullpoop surrounding you as far as I'm concerned.  It rocks. I'm looking forward to the year!

2) Winter is just not my season.  I can't handle being cold.  We have these friends in Canada who would love for us to move closer, but I would be absolutely no fun to be around if I had to live in their weather.  When -15C is a "warm" day because they're used to -40C... Yipes.  I shiver at the thought. I'd much rather it be a humid 95... even if that's icky... than freezing my ears off.

3) I cannot get enough of the song "Royals."  I will karaoke it soon.

4) On a frequent basis, I look around the room and go, "Woah, I have FOUR children."  That's kind of a lot of kids.  They're neat kids.  And cute kids.  But, holy moly, there is a LOT of them.  Had a conversation with Andrew on the way home from Christmas about what the next car would be if we're blessed with two more children (we can fit one more in the mini van.)  Turns out the next upgrade is a 12-passenger.  I'm cool with that as long as I can paint it like a VW bus from the 70's.  We're the next Partridge Family, people!

5) Most of my readers probably know this but our family doesn't really do Santa.  And up until now, we haven't really received too many questions from the kiddos on our stance.  They don't know if there is a Santa... they don't know that there isn't.  They just think it's cool that they get 3 presents under the tree on Christmas. (Because Jesus got three).  A couple of weeks ago, the 6 year old danced over to me and said "Santa isn't real."  I asked her where she heard that, fulling expecting to here her say "Daddy," but she just said she didn't know.  It wasn't the kids at school (and she hadn't told that to anyone at school according to her *thank goodness*).  I'm pretty sure they think Christmas presents come from St. Nicholas because he brings them a gift on St. Nick Day on December 6... but they've never really said that nor have we exactly told them that.  We still have mystery in the house... it's just not the "Big Fat Man comes down the chimney and showers you with things you've always wanted and generally makes no mention of Jesus" kind of mystery that the normal world has.  I thought I'd be all sad when Andrew told me he didn't want to do Santa... but I'm kind of thinking it's awesome now. Ask me how I feel in a week when Mia loses her first tooth and I have to figure out how to make THAT fun without a tooth fairy. Oy vey!

6) I feel like 2014 should be a new start.  I want to go back to a low wheat, little sugar diet, and get back to exercising more frequently again.  I have a hunch that my little William might have some allergies that we're not addressing, but I haven't had him tested yet. It will be trying to get that boy completely off of dairy, but I'm afraid that might be the direction we're headed.  If I can plan out our meals correctly, I can make this happen without too much complaining from the peanut gallery I think.

7)  I read a cartoon on Facebook the other day that said "There's an odd person in every family. If you don't know who it is, it's probably you."  In my family, I'm pretty stinking sure it's Andrew and I.  We are much nuttier than the rest of them.  I'm happy they still love us.  In Andrew's family... the jury is still out.  If anyone put his whole family in a blender, we'd make a delicious nut butter. :)

And I'm out.

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