Friday, January 10, 2014

Flashback Friday - And Then He Kissed Me...

"The sound of a kiss is not so loud as that of a cannon, but its echo lasts a great deal longer." ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Maybe I'll try something new with my blog this year by doing a weekly theme.  I love Throwback Thursday photos on Facebook, so I'm thinking of making Flashback Fridays on my blog to rehash some historical moments in the life of one KUMommy (most of them probably occurring prior to mommy-hood).

The other night I had this crazily realistic dream about being on a date.  I couldn't identify the guy.  I'm not sure the girl looked like me but I was in her head for sure.  But all of the feelings and nerves of a first date were definitely real and those I remembered vividly even as I awoke.  And though I'm fairly certain there was no kissing in my dream, it got me thinking about some of the first kisses in my life and the feelings they stir up in me even now as I think back on them.  

My First Kiss:  I didn't receive my first real kiss until I was 17 years old.  I was working my first job at a movie theater, and I had finally escaped the stigma of "band nerd/wallflower/drama geek/smart girl" that I fit into in my small high school.  I still was all of those things, of course, but I felt like I could be more than that in the big city at my job.  And, of course, there was a whole new group of boys whose stigmas from school didn't follow them either.  The crushes came and went as I worked there, but I had a particularly strong affinity for one young man who flirted with me all the time.  If my memory doesn't fail me he also had dimples.  Ah... gotta love dimples.  He was way more interested in one of my besties than he was in me, and I'm pretty certain he had no clue I liked him for a long time.  After one late evening of closing down the concession stand, we were both in the break room and I finally just told him how I felt... or maybe I just asked him if we could go talk somewhere.  I was so tired of him gushing about his crush on my friend when she didn't like him back especially when he and I flirted all the time.  So we went for a drive.

We ended up at a tiny park in a small neighborhood just down the street from the theater.  We sat on the park bench and I told him everything. How it sucked to watch him like someone else. How I had liked him for a long time... all those silly thoughts that happen in a teenage girl's head.  And that sweet boy, under the cloudy sky with the moon peaking through the clouds, turned my face towards his and kissed me.  It seriously felt like it came right out of a movie or a dream.  I don't remember much about driving home that night, but I know I couldn't stop smiling.  And as I woke up the next day (at 5:30 a.m. because I was too giddy to sleep) I ran down the stairs and told my mom that "I FINALLY GOT MY FIRST KISS!!!"  I proceeded to hum "And then he kissed me..." the entire next day at work.  Nothing much came of that first kiss.  I pseudo-dated that boy who seemed a little shady and all kinds of mysterious for MAYBE two weeks and then he promptly got fired from the theater and basically stopped talking to me.  But that first kiss will stay with me forever.