Sunday, November 3, 2013


People, it is national blog posting month, and I have already failed in my attempt to post each day.  But I had a fabulous weekend with great friends so I'm not even going to apologize.

Let's start this year's NaBloPoMo with 7 quick takes:

1). As discussed in my last blog post, I really don't like having lots of friends on FB.  Strangely enough, I've had like 4 friend requests since that post.  Pretty sure I only said yes to one.  But now someone else has got to go... Who will it be?!

2.). I got to spend time with bunches of my friends from back in the days of the Daisy House this weekend.  Man do I love those people.  FJ said the other night that it meant a lot to him that we were good enough friends that we could just invite ourselves over to his house. I kind of agree. I appreciate that my besties are comfortable rummaging through my kitchen for food and helping themselves to whatever. I also love when they invite themselves over.

3.). Related- have people lost the art of going visiting?  I totally remember buzzing around in my grandma's car with mom and gma when I was a kid and just randomly visiting their friends.  I really don't think anyone ever called ahead.  They just walked on up to their friends/family's door and invited themselves over for a visit.  It seems weird now. My house would be in total disarray (as it usually is) if people popped in on me.  Maybe back in the 80s people just didn't care as much what others thought so it didn't matter how they were dressed or what state their children or houses were in when visitors came.  That sounds nice. And terrifying.

4.) I just noticed that my punctuation is different for each of these numbers.  I'm not even going to fix it. #recoveringgrammarnerd

5.) What does the fox say? Ahe Ahe Aheeee. :-).    You're welcome!

6.) The other day I told Mia she needed to try to take a rest during nap time.  When she came out 30 minutes later she said she wasn't tired so she said a decade of the rosary instead.  This little girl blows me away.  Who does that at age 6? My kiddo inspires me and that's just neat.

7.) I'm concerned I will have nothing to write about this month since I drew a blank as soon as hit this number 7.  If you have suggestions or requests, I will happily take them.

Kristi. Out.

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