Friday, November 8, 2013

Five Years Later

I know every parent says this... but time blinks away so quickly when you have kids.  The last time I checked I was taking care of this little dude...

He was my first little boy. The kid whose birth gave me such fervor to have another natural birth some day.  My little 9lb 6oz'er was born without pain meds, after contracting on pitocin for over an hour, and I was enamored with him.  I still am.  Little Vince is not so little anymore...

This little man turned 5 just two days ago.  Here are a few of my favorite things about Vince:

1) He's a "words of affirmation" person, just like his momma.  You can frequently hear Vincey passing along compliments.  And when you give him a compliment, he always answers with a "Well thanks!"

2) He loves cars.  Every night he asks me what to dream about, and no matter what I tell him, he always adds on something about car racing.  Dream about bananas, Vince.  He'll dream about bananas racing cars.  Dream about eating a giant house-sized cake, Vince.  He'll dream about a house sized cake that you can race cars into.

3) He's best friends with his big sister.  When you tell him to hug out a fight with his brother, he will squish that little guy so tight that they both fall down in giggles.  And he's enamored with his new baby sister.

4) He loves his daddy.  Every morning, he asks who will go to work first... mom or dad.  And he's ALWAYS bummed if it's Daddy.

5) No matter what time of year it is, whenever he goes to get dressed he asks "Will it be hot or cold today?"  Even in July. In Kansas.  When it was 103 the day before.

Sometimes during night prayers, he'll come over to cuddle with me and I cherish every squish I get.  I can't believe that one of these days he'll be too big to cuddle, but it's happening so fast.  I love you Vince-a-roo!!!!

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