Sunday, November 11, 2012

To friend or not to friend...

Do you all have those people on Facebook that you kind of want to friend request and kind of don't?  Or sometimes it's the other way around... someone requests you and you know them, but you don't KNOW them, so you're just not sure whether to accept the request?

Well, I just happened to find my "first kiss" on Facebook.  What's a girl to do?  Honestly, I will in all likelihood NOT friend this man.  We dated for (at most) 3 weeks when we were 17.  So really... be friends on Facebook? I think not.  I do wonder if he even remembers me.  I'm quite certain I was NOT his first kiss.

I also found my best friend from 2nd grade on Facebook.  (Ironically she's friends with my first kiss.)  I've seen her parents much more than her since she moved away from our small town 25 years ago.  I really feel no pull to "friend" her on facebook either, but I think it's neat that I could.

I actually enjoy purging Facebook friends MUCH MORE than I enjoy "friending" people.  It's usually about springtime, when I look at my number of FB friends and go "Really, Kristi?!"  You don't see most of these people EVER and your life wouldn't be seriously changed if you weren't aware of their Facebook dealings, so LET THE PURGE BEGIN!  It's freeing!  And then I usually have a day or two of guilt thinking that maybe, for some reason bigger than me, I was SUPPOSED to be their Facebook friend.  But I usually get over that pretty quickly.

What about you?  Do you go through Facebook friend purges or do you just keep on addin??


  1. I have a handful of people hanging out in my "will you be my fb friend" pile. I just feel no reason to friend them, so I haven't, some days I have moments where I'll friend request you just because your name sounds familiar. Haha, it's hit and miss.

  2. So well said. I've purged about 75 "friends" in the past couple months.

  3. Yes, I purge very often. This last time I think I dumped about 60 "friends". No reason to keep in touch when we weren't that close to begin with. A couple have friend requested me again and I added them - thinking they want to keep in touch.
    ps...glad I made your purge, even though we don't see much of each other!! ;-)