Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mandating Free Contraception

Up to this point, I've been fairly "mums the word" on anything political during NABLOPOMO. What with the elections and all the fights on Facebook, it just wasn't something I was interested in stirring up. But sometimes whilst walking around my house, I find myself blogging out loud (or in my head) about something I'm super passionate about, and that's been happening this morning so here goes nothing.

The Health and Human Services Mandate put into effect by President Obama and Kathleen Sebelius as a part of Obamacare requires that insurance companies now provide contraception at no charge.

Many Catholic are up in arms about this because we believe that contraception is morally wrong, an intrinsic evil, against God's plan, etc. etc. But that is NOT what I'm blogging about today.

Here's a BIG reason why I am against the HHS mandate. First of all, even the term "HEALTHcare" tends to imply that the program should care for a person's health. So whatever I receive from my healthcare/insurance plan should in effect help me to be healthier, right? But contraception doesn't make anyone healthy. In fact, it removes the ability of a woman's body to naturally function. The pill, IUD's, Depo Provera, etc. interfere with the body's natural ability to regulate hormones and instead use artificial hormones to render a woman infertile. But not only does it disrupt her cycle, it is now being leached enough into our water supply that it's affecting the fertility of men, and I would assume, therefore, women who are not taking contraception. And that makes me worried about how it's affecting my children who are drinking the same water.

I understand that some of you will argue that birth control is also prescribed to "regulate a woman's cycle," or to "help with endometriosis," or to "lessen a young girl's acne problems." But as far as I know, the FDA hasn't actually APPROVED these drugs for that use.

And I know contraception is widely used in our society. I understand that people enjoy the fact that they can have sex whenever they want and be 98% sure they're not making a baby. I understand that some believe more contraception will equal less need for abortions. I get all that stuff. However, I fail to see how providing free contraception can be a form of "HEALTH" care when it is medication designed to INHIBIT a healthy process. We might as well mandate that people can go to liquor store and get booze for free as well, because you know that's one way to treat depression, right? Or maybe we should mandate that our insurance plans pay for us to eat out once a week because it's too stressful to have to cook at home.

Contraception is a pill of convenience. Not a pill for health. It should NOT be covered by healthcare plans.


  1. It isn't for women's health. It is cheaper to get women to avoid pregnancy all together rather than cover one. As much as they want to say it is about women's bodies, it is about the bottom line. Affordable care act. Oh, and the idea about contraception lowering abortion rates, multiple studies have shown that to be false. Just consider the rate of abortions over the time they have been legal. Notice much of a drop despite wider access to contraception? Anytime I hear abortion justified or an argument about the necessity of contraception I can't help thing that when you tell an lie often enough, people start to believe it even of their own life experiences tell them otherwise.

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