Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rock Chalk

Tuesday night I got to introduce my family to their first Men's Basketball game in Allen Fieldhouse. Granted we had nose bleed seats and totally had to shell out money for the baby's ticket, but it was AMAZING.

Mia sang the fight song along with the band. Vince stuck Jayhawk stickers (that Grandma brought for entertainment) ALL over his clothes (I may have found one on his belly 24 hours later). And William finally mastered the art of clapping...kind of.

I think I probably hyped the game up a bit too much for Andrew, because he enjoyed it but it "didn't quite reach his expectations" (fun-hater). Then again, my memories of Jayhawk basketball mostly involve student section fourth row seating, wearing a "Roy's Girls" shirt and screaming my head off. So nose bleed with three kids in tow is bound to be a little different. What a difference 9 years can make. Monkeys on crackers! 9 years?!? I'm aged. When did THAT happen?!


  1. Um you forgot to mention they were playing an amazing team--GO PITT!!!!!! LOL

  2. Sounds like you were in your element. Way to go!