Friday, November 4, 2011

Party pooper...

Some of my friends went out karokeing for the first time in a LONG time tonight, and they wanted me to come along. And I really really really really (Did I say really?) wanted to, but, alas, I was in the midst of decorating a Choo Choo Train cake for Vince's third birthday. And it turns out that making and decorating cakes turns one's house into an explosion of frosting and baked goods.

Thus, I decided to be a responsible parent this evening and stay home to clean my kitchen instead of going to sing my heart out. Might have been a party pooper choice... but in theory, I won't wake up in the morning quite as tired or stressed out that 20 people are headed towards my house and I AM NOT READY.

But, dear friends, I WILL Karaoke again soon. It MUST be done. Maybe for FDOC?? Since I was too scarily pregnant to celebrate my 30th birthday last year, I think we're gonna have to do it up big for #31!!! YIPPEE!!

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