Monday, November 7, 2011

Earthquakes... I'm not so sure

Are you kidding me?! In the last three days, We've had TWO earthquakes close enough to where I live that I should have felt them both... And I felt nothing!! What a rip off!! When the first hit on Saturday evening, I was visiting with family quietly in my living room.... But none of us had a clue anything happened until we saw all of our friends commenting about it on Facebook. And THEN... When the second one hit about an hour ago, in was in my car driving home from a meeting so I missed out again! Ridiculousness!

On the other hand, I've been relatively sure that I've felt the ground moving on at least 5 other occasions between those two... But I don't know of I'm feeling aftershocks or I just have a wild imagination.

Also... Is anyone else a little freaked that we're feeling quakes in the Midwest?? Seems a little off kilter to me.


  1. Are they true earthquakes or the result of something? I can't believe that Kansas would have earthquakes. You're not near a fault line nor has there been any in the past. I see all kinds of posts on facebook, but I'm not convinced! Keep me posted...

  2. They are originating just North of OKC. Apparently Kansas had another quake in the 50s or something. Just weird.

  3. Kansas has had quakes before, a few years ago.