Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6 years ago... a countdown

Sometimes when I get really really starved for entertainment and I somehow convince myself that I can afford to stop cleaning or cooking or playing with the kids, I allow myself to go back and look at what life was like X amount of years ago.  And since I've been blogging for almost 9 years (holy cow), it's really really easy for me to go back and check things out.

So, since Andrew and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this coming Sunday, I thought I'd share some memories of us in the form of linking to old posts.  Let's start with some of the early relationship posts... they're so giddy and silly.  Can I also just say that I enjoy reading all of my crazy friends' comments almost as much as reading the posts themselves.  You people were very argumentative back in the day!  Have we all dulled in our older age??

1) Alien talk for "I'm in Love": (the comments are delightful!)

2) The boyfriend met the parents.

3) Ain't Love Grand?

Well... that takes you through the first 3 months of our relationship.  More fun to come tomorrow.


  1. Kathleen (Katie)May 2, 2012 at 4:08 PM

    I love old posts....incidentally, I think I have only met Andrew like, once - at Kay's wedding. So I will take your word for it that he's awesome :-)

  2. Why don't we name the seasons anymore that was always so fun to do!!! and crazy enough our naming the season almost always matched what happened!!! I think we should name the summer season!! Let's get on it friend.

  3. I think I stopped naming the seasons because I stopped having as much time to pray and hang out with my friends which kind of got me disconnected and I just couldn't get a sense of what was to come... But maybe I could again. I will get on it!!

  4. I just have to laught at this.....that you all realize now that with kids and spouses and jobs and such there's so much less time to do what you used to. You are now in the stage I was in when I met you all. So when the current you looks back at who you were then you might understand why this 30-something single mom with no time at her hands asked God repeatedly, "Seriously??? You want me to be friends with *them*???" So glad God was pushy and said, "Yes, *them*...seriously." :).....and I think you need to name the summer season, too.