Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pure Country - 20 years later

Thanks to some very generous Christmas presents in the form of cash, Andrew and I were able to take a RARE but AWESOME expensive date night. Last weekend we double dated with George Strait and Martina McBride-- and we were so privileged that they serenaded us!!

The concert was phenominal. Easily in my top five. But there was one thing that I was not prepared for...

I was super duper pumped to see George. I love his music. I love his swagger. I love his country-boy-ness. I used to imagine myself to be Harley in Pure Country. Perhaps some mysterious cowboy would come sweep me off my feet. So I went to the concert all excited to see this man:


After Martina gave a rocking 70 minute performance, my excitement built even more. The intermission ended, and I was more excited. When the lights dimmed again, I was practically beside myself. And then... this man walked out:


Holy Grandpa!!! When did THAT happen?? I leaned over to Andrew and said, "Awww... he looks like a Grandpa... I kind of want to give him a hug." There were at least 10 other moments like this through George's performance when I leaned over to Andrew and commented on how much older he looked than I thought he would. I mean, people, it blew my mind! Then George announced that his son had just had a kid.  He actually IS a grandpa!!!  

Dear Paula Cole, in answer to your question, "where have all the cowboys gone?"... I say "They're still around.  They've just aged... A LOT."

Now I don't know why I was so shocked by this. When Pure Country came out, I looked like this:
(Technically this was 1994... but close enough.  Check out those glasses!)

And now, I look like this:

(I'm the old one.)

Could someone explain how 20 years just blipped out of my life?!


  1. LOL... I often have these moments. We are now the age our parents were when they were raising us! Blows my mind!

  2. Well said! It happens to the best of us.