Thursday, January 5, 2012

Has it been a year already?

Happy Birthday, Little Will!
It's hard to believe that it's been a year since all this went down.  What a crazy pregnancy... and a crazy day that was.  But our little 33-weeker is turning ONE today, and he is such a blessing!!  Here are two never-before-seen photos from the first time I got to really hold him:

I can hardly believe how very tiny he was... how many tubes he was hooked up to for two weeks... the apnea monitor he was hooked up to for 2 months... or the way we had to keep him away from people for fear of germs his entire first winter.

Because nowadays he just seems like a normal one-year-old to me (if only just a bit smaller.)  He is crawling and cruising and babbling.  He's the sweetest little baby.  Happy most of the time. Very laid back.  Probably the easiest of my three, and it's not like the other two were terribly difficult babies.    He has been a blessing to our little family in so many ways!!

I love you so much little WSU!  I can't wait for many more years of getting to know you.  Happy FIRST birthday!!

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