Monday, December 12, 2011

The Catholic Chameleon

I began writing the following blog back in August shortly after my new boss "took office"... but I never got around to publishing it. So before I give you a new post... I give you something older...

So I'm sitting at a staff retreat at my very Catholic place of work last week, and our new director says that in order to get to know us, he wants to play the "What's your favorite ...? " game.

This sounds fun to me. I always like getting to know my coworkers better. But I was not prepared to be fourth in-line as we went around the circle. So he starts off with, my one most favorite movie is... and we are left to fill in the blanks. As the director announces his, my mind is already scrambling. I can't really say my REAL favorite, can I? It's so not holy. Then the second person announces their fav - (one that I've not heard of, but surely it isn't as bad as mine). Was his even rated R? The third person passes! OH NO! KRISTI!! THINK OF SOMETHING MORE APPOPRIATE THAT YOU REALLY LOVE! Dirty Dancing? Pretty Woman? Which is the lesser of two evils?? Julia Roberts is walking around in my head in her big ole hooker boots, and it's my turn so out it comes. "My favorite move is Pretty Woman." Oh crap... am I gonna get fired?

But the question kept moving around the circle and mine was quickly forgotten (I hope). And then came question #2. "My favorite TV show is..." Uh oh... Why do all of the shows have to be on hiatus for summer? I cannot, for the life of me, remember any okay sitcoms that I watch during regular season. And it's my turn... THINK FASTER BRAIN... "My favorite TV show is The Bachelorette." Someone in the peanut gallery says, "That really IS a guilty pleasure." Oh sheesh. I offer a crooked smile and secretly pray that someone else says something a little bit raunchy. Praise be to God for one of our cooks who said they were going to say "Jersey Shore" but decided against it.


Well... it's December now and I still have a job... so hopefully my favorites were forgotten and my coworkers can go back to believing that I'm a sweet little naive Catholic girl who only watches stories about saints....


  1. So...what is your "true" favorite movie and tv series?

    My favorite movies include; Fletch (oldie, but goodie), Wild Hogs, The Holiday, Love Actually, It's Complicated and The Lake House.

    Favorite tv series would be; Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, NFL's A Football Life and The Middle.

    Does that mean that I'm not good enough to work in your office? LOL ;-)

  2. Dear Kristi,

    I don't think you should feel bad about your favorite movies. The movies you refer to are stories of finding love, having hope, believing in yourself, and numerous other similar themes. The sex/love scenes are thrown in to sell tickets but they aren't what the story is really about. Stories like these have happy endings and give everyone one of those sighing-with-happiness feelings. Perhaps the stories have many non-Christian elements but they have a lot of Christian elements, also.

    Sonya--I love "The Lake House." It is such a sweet story.